Herbal, or HerbalT, or Ty, was the fifth and final PUA to sign-on at Project Hollywood. He’s a younger guy, who found himself embroiled in the “Katya” controversy with Mystery after working as Mystery’s business manager.

Here’s what happened.

Ty was never very good off of a cold approach, but he did excel as a wingman or within a social circle. He’s a very laid-back, naturally engaging, funny guy. He’s independent, and he’s not one to play by the social rules and norms of life. Frankly, he was my favorite of the other 4 guys in the house.

So, he becomes Mystery’s wingman and business manager and starts reaping some pretty serious reward off of “sarging” with the best. Mostly though, once he had a girl one-on-one, outside of the club or bar, he was excellent. He has a wealth of life experience, even at such a young age, with which to draw upon in interacting with a woman.

Unfortunately, this charm wound its way into Mystery’s girlfriend, Katya in the summer of 2004.

Full disclosure – Katya was trying to sleep with EVERYONE at one point or another. During the house party at Project Hollywood which I threw in May 2004, Katya tried to get me into bed, as well as Cameron Teone (“The One”). She was pretty unclassy, and lacked a LOT of scruples. She also abused drugs regularly. She was the sort of chick you might get in a bar or club if you were a professional pick-up artist (read that again…there is a hidden piece of advice in there…).

She and Ty had become close, as they were the 2 closest people to Mystery. And, they eventually had sex with one another…Now, it’s been a while, and some details escape me, but I can’t recall if Katya and Mystery were broken up at the time or not. I also seem to recall Mystery granting his approval to Herbal. Frankly, I’m too lazy to look it all up in Neil’s book, but I can say that a TON of drama ensued.

Sickboy and I came home one night from a movie, and found Herbal’s door kicked down and the property in his room damaged. There were threats a-plenty tossed back and forth. One of them would have to go.

Neil and I realized we needed to have a house meeting, and we arranged this without Herbal and Mystery. Instead, they each came into Papa’s room and made their pitch as to why they should be allowed to stay.

Well, what is not known, is that behind the scenes, TD was pulling the levers to convince Papa and I to kick Mystery out (as our 2 votes would override Neil’s 1) so that RSD could fully take over the house.

Looking back, I am still not sure who had the better argument:

Mystery – I founded this place, and the guy slept with my girlfriend…he violated the trust of the house, and he should be given the boot.

Herbal – He damaged my property, and also damaged the house property (the door)…his violence makes the home unsafe, and he should be asked to leave.

We mulled it over. Violence, for me, has always held a profound sway. Knowing that Mystery had this ability to “lose it” past the point of just getting angry, or losing his temper – but to the point of VIOLENCE – made my choice clear.

Papa and I voted to have Mystery booted, and Neil voted for Herbal. It was a terrible day.

Eventually, I was the first one to leave Project Hollywood. Mystery was the 2nd. I went back to NYC, and he to Las Vegas.

Herbal left too. He moved back to Austin, TX where he lives to this day (I think).

Do I blame Herbal for the downfall of Project Hollywood? Nope. In fact, I am secretly grateful to him for creating conditions where it could not continue. It was a bad idea in the first place. We were too old to be frat boys, and too competitive to live together under one flag.

Ty’s a great guy who recently completed a trip around the world (of sorts). My girlfriend and I sat down to lunch with him recently in NYC. Unfortunately, he did wear his starry, sequined hat (both I and my girlfriend hated it).

Mostly though, Ty’s an interesting individual. He’s someone who views life and the world from outside the box, and I respect that a lot. I envy his ability to be laid back and go with the flow.

He’s a guy destined for an interesting life, and you can definitely learn a lot from his attitude.

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